Champion Axeman

MLB Hitters Back Foot Stays Sideways To Stay On The Ball

The best hitters use the position of their back foot to anchor their approach and help them stay on the ball. They still get off their back side getting their weight into the ball but it’s a little more conservative when you stay sideways. Hitting in the Major League is challenging to say the least, […]

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Sideways Back Foot

Exposing Our Hitting Myths Using The Scientific Method

I was at an autograph signing with other former MLB players, engaged in a conversation about how we all carried “myths” with us into our MLB careers. For the most part, we all mastered the correct timing and kinesthetic feel for our swing and timing. After years of training and at least 1000 At-Bats, our […]

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Getting The Weight Shift Right With The Swish Stick

The weight shift is a critical component for the MLB hitter. The transfer or weight shift is what initiates your swing through the timing phase. Your body uses your weight shift to add energy into the system, as well as using the momentum to ensure the barrel falls into the shoulder slot properly. When you […]

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Folding and Unfolding Your Swing Levers Efficiently

For all developing hitters’, it’s critical that they learn how the swing levers operate. One way to understand this process is by learning a technique for folding and unfolding the levers.  This folding and unfolding technique is seen plain as day by some of the best hitters like Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield, enabling […]

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Q & A Thursday with Matt Nokes

Q & A Thursday with Matt Nokes 9-18 Replay

Another great night of questions. This weeks show I gave you some hitting drills you can use. Please go here if you would like to leave a voice mail question on my site. It will go directly to my inbox. Sign up here to be notified of upcoming shows if you would like to join […]

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A Good Hitter is a Good Fighter is a Good Thinker

(Hillary Nokes) When you hear the phrase “Don’t Think” or when your coach says “Stop Thinking”, it doesn’t mean to let your mind go blank, or that you eliminate positive feelings about your hitting.   “Don’t think” simply means getting rid of all distractions so you’re able to ACCESS a “State of Certainty” by rehearsing your moves until you’re able […]

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