Q & A Thursday with Matt Nokes 9-18 Replay

Another great night of questions. This weeks show I gave you some hitting drills you can use. Please go here if you would like to leave a voice mail question on my site. It will go directly to my inbox. Sign up here to be notified of upcoming shows if you would like to join […]

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A Good Hitter is a Good Fighter is a Good Thinker

I see a good hitter like I see a good fighter.  They both train and prepare for a fight, where anything can happen.  You study the pitcher to learn his tendencies, but you never know exactly what the attack is going to look like until you’re in the fight, in the batters box. Now you young hitters […]

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Up and in mistake to a lefty...that's an easy pitch to click!

Around The Zone Drill

Best drill for hitting the ball to all fields with power. This amazing drill that teaches you how to hit the ball in the direction where you can generate the most energy due to the depth of the pitch.

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What does it really mean for a hitter to PEAK TOO SOON?

I had a conversation the other day with a AAA/AA minor league player that I coach and consult with, and we were talking about the idea of peaking too soon.  He asked the question…what I thought it meant to peak too soon?  How he could avoid peaking too soon because it’s January and he said […]

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