As Tyler’s hitting coach on the 2010 Potomac Nationals (High A team), arguably he made the best comeback I’ve ever seen. Tyler had a rough start, hitting .195 and about 8 HR’s with 6 weeks to go.

Tyler always had a great swing but his timing was vulnerable, and he was getting strung out on a regular basis. It seemed like he fouled off 1 or 2 hittable pitches every at-bat. We had been talking about the Ride ‘n Stride all year, to help him sync up the pitcher but his mind was full of doubts.

I kept on him and told him he needed to hit with conviction…
I was simply passing on the plan that Frank Robinson had given me when I was 19…it took me 2 years after hearing the plan and I was in the big leagues. Tyler applied the plan and now it’s 2 years later and he’s in the big leagues with the Washington Nationals.

One day we were sitting around and he expressed that he was having trouble with the “what if” feeling? “What if the pitcher throws me a curve ball when I’m looking fast ball”?
He knew he had to be ready for his fast ball, but couldn’t get it out of his mind that the pitcher might throw him something different.

You have to take the word of someone who’s played in the big leagues.  It’s even more clear when you get to the majors, because the pitching is so nasty that you’re just hoping to steal a FB when the pitcher’s not looking.  When he makes a mistake, you’re on it!   You get proficient real fast at laying off the tough pitches…because if you’re not able to spit on the majority of breaking balls, you’ll be sure to get a one way ticket back to the minor leagues.

Trust me…you want to be known as a fastball hitter.  I remember Frank Robinson telling me…”You show me a guy who’s a good curve ball hitter, and I’ll show you a guy with a slow bat”

The Ride ‘n Stride allows you to feel the speed of the FB, and get into your legs to buy time on the breaking ball.
Most importantly…it helps you stay in control when you “get after it”, putting you in position to hit your pitch.

I dare say that if you never missed your pitch…You’d lead every team and every league in hitting.

The foundation of the Ride ‘n Stride allows you to cope with the pitchers delivery.  It allows you to feel as calm at the pitchers release point, as you do when you’re playing catch.  It helps you feel what’s relevant in the pitchers motion without getting caught up in his motion.

I convinced Tyler that if he committed to the plan, he’d find himself running into curve balls on occasion but most importantly, HE’D RARELY MISS HIS FASTBALL.

Finally in mid July we were sitting around talking and someone said…”what do you have to lose”?
Tyler Rallied in the last 6 weeks and became the Carolina League Player of the Year!   I’ll be honest that I didn’t expect him to turn it on so strong.

I remember the first game he began hitting with conviction. It was like he was hitting front soft toss.
In 6 weeks he accumulated colossal numbers………  .269 BA – 31 HR’s – 43 2B’s – 111 RBI’s.

He carried it through the next season…
2011 Tyler Moore (AA)………………………………..   .270 BA – 31 HR’s – 35 2B’s – 90 RBI’s
…the writing was on the wall!
2012 Tyler Moore (AAA-only 101 AB’s)……………   .307 BA – 9 HR’s – 26 RBI’s
He was promoted to the Washington Nationals Big League Team…
Now he’s tearing it up…

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