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“In a day and age in which there has never been more instruction available to baseball players across all levels of the game, I have yet to come across another human being with the same passion for and knowledge of hitting a baseball as Matt Nokes.  Matt’s emphasis on the Natural Hitter is paralleled to Ron Wolforth’s Athletic Pitcher Concept and is infused with his Ride-N-Stride, Hitting Tai Chi, On-Time-Buying-Time, and Sideways Approach Teachings.  I’ve been a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association for 20 years and have coached across nearly every level of amateur baseball.  Matt Nokes’ Natural Hitter Program is a game changer, a paradigm shift.”

Scott Michael ColbyMA, CSCS Exercise Science and Sport Performance Instructor, McKendree University (Lebanon, IL)

I believe that Matt is the most knowledgeable person I have met in the hitting circles of baseball and I have been actively seeking my whole life.

Matt is the best. Once you watch his DVD’s every morning for 30 mins (while working out in the basement) …I wanted to fly out and meet him and watch him in action. I was so impressed that this year I want to fly out again and take my 9 yr old son so Matt can start to provide the proper foundation of building blocks with him to assure he is off to a good start for his journey in baseball.

Don’t miss the boat with getting on board with Matt’s teachings.  It’s totally worth it.

Matt will help like no one else can

Rick StinerOwner/Coach of A Hitters Edgehttp://www.ahittersedge.com/AboutUs/AboutRick.aspx


Alan Cheatham

Testimonial Matt Nokes

Cory ConradCoach

testimonial for hitting solutions matt nokes

Geoffrey is a sponge with what you’re saying and understands the direction you’re taking with him. I’m glad we hooked up with you and after one session have already seen the results. He made the “all tournament” team out of over 3000 kids. He feels the difference. We’ll look forward to another session on your return. Let us know what’s good for you. Thanks.”

Russ M.

Dear Matt,  Today we began the mechanical transformation with the 8lb. heavy ball, short bat drills with both top and bottom hands and finally used his practice wooden bat off the tee. We went over most of your absolutes in both theory and in action. I am amazed at how quickly he grasped the concepts including ” cutting the corner”. He has NEVER been strong on the inside pitch and had always used the “hitters box” as well as cleared his hips too early, this is a god send. Thanks and I cannot wait for the next lesson!!

Brud MDad