The T.A.P. Seminar and development weekend is your chance to learn a proven system from someone who’s been there.  TAP into your best timing and rhythm for hitting.  But it’s not free…it’s going to take hard work, dedication, and discipline but you’ll be training SMART and will make steady progress.  Some hitters will catch onto the technique in moments, others in a day or so, but one thing is for sure, you have to give yourself the opportunity to learn how to hang onto those hot streaks…it can be done.  You’ve been there before, you’ve felt that feeling, now it’s up to you to bring out what’s been natural inside you all along.

The best hitters feel it more often because they’re able to access their automatic mind and free themselves from the distractions that would hold them back.  Sure, in batting practice the best hitters launch the ball out of the ball park with ease, but it’s a whole different challenge to hit the ball in game situation…no one argues that fact.  The mind is a powerful thing that allows the trained hitter to make the incalculable amount of adjustments needed to the hit the ball with perfect timing.  Now it’s your turn to learn an organized system for developing your best timing and approach.