As Tyler’s hitting coach on the 2010 Potomac Nationals (High A team), arguably he made the best comeback I’ve ever seen. Tyler had a rough start, hitting .195 and about 8 HR’s with 6 weeks to go. Tyler always had a great swing but his timing was vulnerable, and he was getting strung out on […]

Tyler’s now tearing it up in the big leagues…       Ready and waiting for the pitcher to make that one mistake. And Yes, good pitching gets out good hitting most of the time, and when that happens you tip your cap. Hitting his best stuff is not the plan. You CAN’T let the […]

Jordan Ellis is a talented young athlete who is doing the extra work to become a great hitter. He’s an advanced hitter and we’ve worked on and off for almost a year now. He came to me with the desire to knock off some rough edges, in doing so, he developed an excellent approach and […]

The T.A.P. Seminar and development weekend is your chance to learn a proven system from someone who’s been there.  TAP into your best timing and rhythm for hitting.  But it’s not free…it’s going to take hard work, dedication, and discipline but you’ll be training SMART and will make steady progress.  Some hitters will catch onto the technique in moments, others […]