When you work with young hitters a lot, you’re reminded to dig deep and ask them to explain why they’re doing what they’re doing.  They won’t give you a very good answer most of the time but that’s expected. There’s a lot of moving parts and the key is to look at how the technique […]

12 touchstones part two matt nokes

Your automatic mind doesn’t respond well to “DON’T” phrases. “Don’t do this or don’t do that” almost always produces negative results.

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The 12 Silver Bullets is a way of explaining the function of the absolutes. The absolutes are action steps, problem solvers and they help you modify the system in your hitting approach that’s failing you…they’re action steps (The “Do’s”).

The best hitters use the position of their back foot to anchor their approach and help them stay on the ball. They still get off their back side getting their weight into the ball but it’s a little more conservative when you stay sideways. Hitting in the Major League is challenging to say the least, […]

  I was at an autograph signing with other former MLB players, engaged in a conversation about how we all carried “myths” with us into our MLB careers. For the most part, we all mastered the correct timing and kinesthetic feel for our swing and timing. After years of training and at least 1000 At-Bats, […]