This Video:    • Think For Yourself • Know The Big Picture • Teaching Hitters To Learn From Coaches Feedback In this video I emphasize how to teach our hitters the importance of thinking for themselves while being open to feedback where both hitter and coach are focused on the same goal. • Coaches are […]

Every hitter struggles, it’s simply the nature of the game. The mechanical hitter endlessly searches for mechanical solutions, changing stances, grip, bats, anything that will give the hitter a different feel…and in all fairness, no matter how talented a hitter is, every hitter has conceded a little and searched for mechanical solutions when in most […]

When you work with young hitters a lot, you’re reminded to dig deep and ask them to explain why they’re doing what they’re doing.  They won’t give you a very good answer most of the time but that’s expected. There’s a lot of moving parts and the key is to look at how the technique […]