Every hitter struggles, it’s simply the nature of the game. The mechanical hitter endlessly searches for mechanical solutions, changing stances, grip, bats, anything that will give the hitter a different feel…and in all fairness, no matter how talented a hitter is, every hitter has conceded a little and searched for mechanical solutions when in most cases it’s the timing solutions that are needed.

Natural hitters look for natural timing solutions, with natural movements, natural swing flow timing and natural pitch timing.

1. Automatic mind or subconscious mind…our most powerful natural ability.


Pitch timing

Mechanical timing

Our ability make adjustments using natural movements


Big picture understanding of what we gotta do to hit the baseball.

The Bernstein Principle – The body will

organize itself based upon the ultimate goal of the

activity. In other words, the body with find the best way to organize itself to get the job done using natural movement.


Identifying difficult variables

Using our natural movements and rehearsals to continually refresh and program our natural movements on a daily basis to maintain only natural, powerful movements that give us a mechanical advantage.

As well as maintaining a presense of mind and a feel for timing our natural movements while we synchronize it with the pitch timing. Our processor is what allows us to have natural movements in the first place, and keep track of the pitch speed and match the pitch time with the swing time in an automatic mode known as “being in the the zone”.

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