A Lou Pinella Story & “Cano Swing Flow”

All great hitters let the ball travel to their spot at the depth where they’re most comfortable letting it travel to so they can crush it!

Then they ambush the ball [offensively – not a counter punch], like a sniper!

A while back at Yankee Stadium when I was up in the owner’s box, Robinson Cano came up and I commented about how he wasn’t afraid to freely transfer his weight into the ball to get his “Cano Swing Flow”.

Lou Piniella was on the other side of the room, but he heard me make the comment about the absolute need for good hitters to transfer forward into the ball.

Lou was all excited walking over to where I was standing and we started a long conversation about hitting…he loves talking about hitting as much as I do.

He mentioned that there are very few people anymore who understand that basic principle of “Transferring into the ball on-time with the flow, is the only way great hitters attack the ball.

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The fact is…relating on a purely physical level, the definition of TIMING is “Transferring on Time”!
You gotta get your weight into the ball on time with some flow…momentum and inertia.

To me, it sounded like Lou was relieved to hear someone else with MLB experience, promoting the natural movements of transferring into the ball on time…a fact that is true and it’s something irrefutable and proven through all the clinical experiments executed daily by big league hitters by a thing called “Trial and Error”.

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