perfect-swingA Keeper Of The Game!

…The lengths I go to when I work with a young player.

The focus of our first session at Hitting Solutions, other than assessing your entire approach to hitting (both mentally and physically), is to find out about your goals and aspirations as a hitter, and as a ballplayer.  We need to know how you think as a hitter, and what type of hitter you see yourself becoming?

After an extensive evaluation, I’ll give you my professional feedback on your aptitude as a hitter in the present, and Together we’ll come up with a realistic picture of the type of hitter you have the potential of becoming.  An honest assessment of your skills is an important part of the process to becoming a polished hitter, because we base our drills and routines on the mental approach you are attempting to develop.

(Hall of Famer) Frank Robinson and Tom McCraw sat me down one day in late January 1983, and asked me what type of hitter I thought I was?  It was at a mini-camp for the prospects in San Francisco Giants Organization, but for me it was a turning point in my career.  At that moment, I was a 19yr old aspiring minor league hitter, with tons of raw talent, but without much “game” success up to that point.  Together we made an honest assessment of the type of hitter I was, and it was at that moment that everything changed for me as a hitter…and I knew it.  Two years after that meeting I was called up to the Major Leagues for the San Francisco Giants.  With all the failure in hitting as it is, I knew the difference between more false hope and the TRUTH in the form of the Major League Plan.

Immediately I had the direction I needed to develop my mental approach, and for the first time, in I don’t know how long, my mechanics seemed simple because I knew what my objectives were.  “I start in position (A) my stance, and I need to get to position (B) contact”.  In truth, there were some movements that I still needed to learn to completely polish my swing, which was to be an ongoing process, but from that point on when I stepped up to the plate, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

Get your thinking right and your body will follow!  I remember Frank and Tom saying, “if you’re not hitting it’s because you’re undisciplined in some way”.   Developing your discipline will make you mentally strong, physically prepared and emotionally tough, ready for battle.

Ultimately, our desire is for you to find your Hitting Solutions! If you want to work hard, we will equip you with the tools you need, in the form of drills and routines specially designed for you.

At Hitting Solutions, we want you to reach your potential as a hitter, and in doing so, you’ll develop discipline in areas of your life that will make you a fierce competitor and a stronger person.