For all developing hitters’, it’s critical that they learn how the swing levers operate. One way to understand this process is by learning a technique for folding and unfolding the levers.  This folding and unfolding technique is seen plain as day by some of the best hitters like Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield, enabling them to pump and cock their arms and bat from their stance, without losing the critical orientation they need, while keeping all their swing levers oriented one to another, and with all that movement their bat returns to it’s original position yet with a little more momentum stored up into the system delivering their energy accurately into the ball without losing any accuracy or leverage. 

Now I do NOT recommend this pumping and cocking action for hitters, only the most advanced MLB hitters can get away with this, because it’s a lot to do before swinging and most hitters would get lost in the timing, but my point is they’re no worse for ware because they possess a heightened awareness for the orientation of their levers, along with a heightened timing ability to sync their levers, always having them into the right place at the right time, ready to deliver their barrel at the exact time that they need it. This is actually considered a cocky movement for a hitter when they play with these movements, the idea is to learn how the levers work and to develop and understanding as well as a freedom to operate your levers with confidence throughout your swing.  This training technique for your set up, enables you to achieve better bat speed, deliver a more consistent, repeatable swing, more accuracy with the barrel and your maximum force through the ball.  Hitters have a mechanical advantage if they learn these swing lever absolutes.  Having the big picture for how your levers deliver their power through the ball is another big advantage, not only will you learn to deliver power, but you’ll learn to deliver power accurately and efficiently.  In order to mature into the best hitter you can be, it’s paramount that you have an idea about how your levers function at their best, so you can spend time training those movement models into your automatic mind.  An MLB hitter has the ability to generate a lot of energy and deliver it into the ball through a fine point.  Accurately delivering energy through an efficient lever system is critical for the development of a hitter if he wants to reach his potential.

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