Currently Closed but OPENING again soon for 2016: OPEN date will be announced at the ABCA. Please subscribe  below o so you can be notified. 

My friends, hitting mastermind is now open and starts in less than 5 days!

If you’re willing to work hard and learn the moves and principles I’m going to teach you, becoming certified will be a natural progression as you develop your chops.

This mastermind is a 30 day course and we’ll be getting started on June 30th so we’d like to schedule a call with you to give you the details….

Please fill out this short contact form so we can get in touch.

This mastermind class will teach you my process, how I analyze hitters, diagnose, and build step by step programs that will transform your hitters.

You’re going to learn how to create your specially designed absolutes (action steps, moves or approach thoughts) for individual hitters, because you’ll feel the solutions at a glance.

The knowledge and experience you gain from this program will no doubt develop a new confidence in you, to take what you’ve learned and connect the dots on all hitting subjects.

Your development will help you project authority as you return to your communities.
Your fresh clarity and insight will transform your local hitters.
You’ll teach and speak with new authority at home as you become the resident expert.

It’s rewarding for me as a mentor to see coaches develop their chops for helping hitters, and some of you have seen me talk to crowds at baseball events “holding court” on hitting. As you learn and get support from the team of certified coaches you’ll be holding court in your community in no time.

We’ll cover all hitting styles but with a special emphasis on the natural hitting technique, which will allow you to remain style neutral, swing neutral. The mainstream shy’s away from teaching the natural style because they don’t understand it.

The first step in being a great coach is to understand and be able to decipher the qualities of a great hitter. So let’s get going and we’ll discuss the real deal starting with our phone interview.

I look forward to speaking with you,