Arianis Hits For The Cycle

Arianis Joins Franklin Pierce University Ravens Softball Team New Hitters Free Workshop The 5 Shifts My Hitters Make to Master Their Consistent Swing Timing and Become a Rock Solid Powerful Hitter in Record Time. What’s really been…
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Getting The Weight Shift Right With The Swish Stick

The weight shift is a critical component for the MLB hitter. The transfer or weight shift is what initiates your swing through the timing phase.
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A Good Hitter is a Good Fighter is a Good Thinker

When you hear the phrase "Don't Think" or when your coach says "Stop Thinking", it doesn't mean to let your mind go blank, or that you eliminate positive feelings about your hitting.   "Don't think" simply means getting rid of all distractions…
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Eddie Young - Showcasing Pro Ball

  One of the best young shortstops to come out of college baseball and he's prepared to play pro ball.  He was drafted out of high school but opted to go to UCR where he excelled at SS and 2B.  Eddie will find a way to become an…
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Nick Noonan Wins Spot on SF Giants Roster

I'm very proud of how hard Nick has worked over the years.  We got together to tighten up his game before spring training 2012.  He went on and had a banner season.   I knew he was ready to make the big league team this 2013 season. When…