Arianis Hits For The Cycle

Arianis Joins Franklin Pierce University Ravens Softball Team New Hitters Free Workshop The 5 Shifts My Hitters Make to Master Their Consistent Swing Timing and Become a Rock Solid Powerful Hitter in Record Time. What’s really been…
Lou Pinella
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A Lou Pinella Story & "Cano Swing Flow"

All great hitters let the ball travel to their spot at the depth where they're most comfortable letting it travel to so they can crush it! Then they ambush the ball [offensively - not a counter punch], like a sniper! A while back at Yankee…
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Interview w/ Matt at Sports Talk NY Radio

  For your personal enjoyment. I cover several topics on Natural Hitting at the Professional level, and why I believe rehearsing with natural everyday movements to develop the mind/body feel to elite hitting. My thoughts on hitting…
12 touchstones part two matt nokes
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What are the Absolutes? Part 2

Your automatic mind doesn’t respond well to “DON’T” phrases. “Don’t do this or don’t do that” almost always produces negative results.
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Case Study - Importance of Rehearsing John Cresto

John Cresto is working on his Kinesthetic (learning by doing) feel for contact through a rehearsal that's formulating a distance from release to contact as well as giving him the feeling for how he wants to hit the ball. I may be there teaching…
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Eddie Young - Showcasing Pro Ball

  One of the best young shortstops to come out of college baseball and he's prepared to play pro ball.  He was drafted out of high school but opted to go to UCR where he excelled at SS and 2B.  Eddie will find a way to become an…