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Exposing Our Hitting Myths Using The Scientific Method

  I was at an autograph signing with other former MLB players, engaged in a conversation about how we all carried "myths" with us into our MLB careers. For the most part, we all mastered the correct timing and kinesthetic feel for our…
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Case Study - Importance of Rehearsing John Cresto

John Cresto is working on his Kinesthetic (learning by doing) feel for contact through a rehearsal that's formulating a distance from release to contact as well as giving him the feeling for how he wants to hit the ball. I may be there teaching…
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Case Study "Already Be Back to Go Forward"

In GAMES...you do NOT "go back first before you go forward". If you got caught going back at the pitchers release, which is the beginning of the hitters timing phase, you'd get blown away or seriously strung out...it's simply too much movement…
Nick Noonan Lesson- Buying Time
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SF Giants Noonan Showing Us How To Buy Time.

Every MPH taken off a pitch is at least a foot of travel. Sometimes you're looking for a FB out over the plate at 91mph and the pitcher throws you a "dead fish" at 89mph - you have to "Buy Time" to stay on and through the ball.
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Nick Noonan with SF Giants AAA - Turns it on in 2012

Nick rallied this season with the Fresno Giants (Grizzlies). The SS/2B is currently hitting .304 BA - 9 HR - 61 RBI.  Worked hard this winter and committed to the plan and hit with conviction. He helped me come up with some great terminology…