Matt Nokes Back Spin Tee Hitting advisory for MLB and Serious Hitters for Baseball Tournaments and Drafts

Are you one adjustment away from reaching your potential?

There are dozens of things that can go wrong when trying to teach…
Lou Pinella

A Lou Pinella Story & "Cano Swing Flow"

All great hitters let the ball travel to their spot at the depth…
backspin tee, back spin tee line drives, more power to the ball

Approach: Top Half verses Bottom Half?

Question: Which approach (top half or bottom half) puts your…
How to hit a low line drive

The Sweet Spot For a Low Line Drive

When I was in the big was a given that I always…
Matt Nokes- Grip and Rip yet Control the Barrell - Hittign Advice that Changes you Forever

MLB Hitters Grip and Rip - Control the Barrel

The truth about how a Major League Hitter grips the bat and…