Arianis Hits For The Cycle

Arianis Joins Franklin Pierce University Ravens Softball Team New Hitters Free Workshop The 5 Shifts My Hitters Make to Master Their Consistent Swing Timing and Become a Rock Solid Powerful Hitter in Record Time. What’s really been…
Matt Nokes Back Spin Tee Hitting advisory for MLB and Serious Hitters for Baseball Tournaments and Drafts
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Are you one adjustment away from reaching your potential?

There are dozens of things that can go wrong when trying to teach timing and it takes a mentor and a diagnostician who can analyze, diagnose and create action steps It’s not a linear progression as you grow and mature as a hitter. You don’t…
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Interview w/ Matt at Sports Talk NY Radio

  For your personal enjoyment. I cover several topics on Natural Hitting at the Professional level, and why I believe rehearsing with natural everyday movements to develop the mind/body feel to elite hitting. My thoughts on hitting…
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MLB Hitters Back Foot Stays Sideways To Stay On The Ball

The best hitters use the position of their back foot to anchor their approach and help them stay on the ball. They still get off their back side getting their weight into the ball but it's a little more conservative when you stay sideways. Hitting…
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Nick Noonan Wins Spot on SF Giants Roster

I'm very proud of how hard Nick has worked over the years.  We got together to tighten up his game before spring training 2012.  He went on and had a banner season.   I knew he was ready to make the big league team this 2013 season. When…
Nick Noonan Lesson- Buying Time
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SF Giants Noonan Showing Us How To Buy Time.

Every MPH taken off a pitch is at least a foot of travel. Sometimes you're looking for a FB out over the plate at 91mph and the pitcher throws you a "dead fish" at 89mph - you have to "Buy Time" to stay on and through the ball.