DISCIPLINE is what I like to call the timekeeper who’s ever vigilant and is in charge of adjusting the time so that it’s always precisely on atomic time.  This discipline is called “ON TIME AND BUYING TIME”™.  This discipline is a movement ability that allows you to get further into your legs when the pitcher throws the ball slower, which means it seems to never quite get close enough to you.

But with the “On Time Buying Time”™ movement technique, you’ll have the ability to do what you intend on doing, and that’s hitting the ball within your perfect reach, as well as being able to adjust to a slower speed with a super reachability of up to 5 feet.  That means you’re able to adjust to speed by initially hitting it further out front….NOT by slowing down.  Slowing down is another big one to avoid.

In fact I like to think of adjusting initially to slower speeds by speeding up…well not actually speeding up but just maintaining your same explosive tempo, yet deeper into your legs and from that comes a lower center of gravity enabling you to adjust your posture ever so lightly forward and still arch out when you swing. (arching out simple means holding the centrifugal force of the bat pulling away from you and arching to stabilize the forces into equilibrium which allows you to maintain your maximum rotational speed because the force pulling against your back is a “Center Fleeing Force” called CENTRIFUGAL FORCE.   A final last but not least note is that during the on time buying time event is taking place…all along you’re staying sideways in order to stay on the ball.

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