In GAMES…you do NOT “go back first before you go forward”. If you got caught going back at the pitchers release, which is the beginning of the hitters timing phase, you’d get blown away or seriously strung out…it’s simply too much movement and you wouldn’t be taking inertia into consideration.  You have to be “Riding “slightly forward under control on your back side until you feel it’s time to lean to the speed.

Now to be fair, I’m specifically talking about putting a dot on the back hip of the best hitters…when they’re in their timing phase, they’re already creeping forward to break inertia. The phrase “you gotta go back to go forward” is for physical mechanical training where you need the rhythm to feel the flow while you’re making your movements automatic.  When you’ve learned all the steps and you know the “Dance” so to speak, then the successful hitters realize the less you do while syncing up the speed of the pitch the better.  Because you have to filter the pitchers motion, key off and sync up release…or let the pitcher release the ball so you can feel the speed of the ball in flight and lean to the speed.

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