Arianis Joins Franklin Pierce University Ravens Softball Team
New Hitters Free Workshop  The 5 Shifts My Hitters Make to Master Their Consistent Swing Timing and Become a Rock Solid Powerful Hitter in Record Time.

What’s really been rewarding after doing deep timing research and coaching for 20 years is watching my hitters flourish.

After they learn the MLB PLAN, it’s amazing to watch them mature and find their way as they overcome daily obstacles and become better hitters because of it.

You nurture them as they’re making the transformation learning the 12 Touchstones and the MLB PLAN…then watching them push on to find their own special natural moves and style.

It’s exhilarating for me because I can see the outcome before they do but there’s nothing like watching the lights come in their eyes when it all comes together.

  • Not just mechanics
  • Not just a laser focused mindset
  • Not just natural swing time and the ability to naturally time the pitch.

It’s when it all comes together and the confidence rolls is and they begin rehearsing with INTENTION and they’re coming to the ballpark each day with CERTAINTY each day knowing that somehow they’ll find their stroke no matter how the day starts out.

When game time comes they’re ready to compete…The ultimate reward for me and of course for them is when I know they’re able to hit their pitch every time the pitcher dares to throw it in their zone.

At first, it’s learning strict perfect form that’s necessary to learn the professional moves and become brutally efficient.

Arianis is no exception. She’s matured and found her own loose swagger and confidence. Another wonderful experience for me is when my students keep me updated on their game at bats. I’m able to see the fruits of their hard work. Arianis…thank you for continually sharing these moments with me.



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