Question: Which approach (top half or bottom half) puts your body and posture in the most advantageous position?

Answer: Top half…If all you knew about your approach was top half or bottom half, TOP HALF would be a better approach. Approaching the top half would literally give you the higher ground (The I’m gonna kick your ass position verses I’m gonna get my ass kicked).

Question: From the outside looking in (3rd person perspective), does a low line drive have top spin or back spin?

Answer: Anyone looking from the outside would agree that the low line drive below the equator with back spin.


With the top half approach you’re in a good position to hit the ball, but if you actually hit the top half you’ll hit a ground ball to the infielders.  You’ll eventually find your line drive by feel if you continually experiment and adjust dropping the barrel until enough of a loop allows you to hit the bottom half while you’re still aiming for the top half.

The “TOP Half” is only the approach angle and posture position.

If you truly hit the top of the ball you’ll always get a negative launch angle.

So Top half only gives you the upper ground in your approach.


If you already have your “head in the fire” / “head in the action”, you can claim the high ground without aiming for the top of the ball.

If you maintain your approach with your barrel high, aiming for the bottom of the ball can become the timing device you’re looking for when to drop the barrel.

The “BOTTOM Half” is for those who already put themselves on the high ground with the best posture.

Hitting the bottom of the ball is the timing device to put your bat on the swing plane in plenty of time behind the ball.

It’s important that we uncover the hybrid explanation between top half verses bottom half.

Top half deals with approach and bottom half deals with what it takes to get a positive launch angle.

So the best answer is a hybrid that gives you context and covers both ends of the spectrum.

The goal is to have the conversation merit based and we’re all hoping to end up with the truth and the shortest route to success.

I have a 3 part video series for you.

You’ll learn about:

  • Approach angle.
  • Positive swing path.
  • Positive launch angle.