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Learning how to shift your weight into the ball is the only solution you should be satisfied with

Why “getting your foot down early” will sabotoge your success as a hitter

Why “getting your foot down early” is NOT a good substitute for timing. Learning how to shift your weight into the ball is the only solution you should be satisfied with.

Matt Nokes Back Spin Tee Hitting advisory for MLB and Serious Hitters for Baseball Tournaments and Drafts

Are you one adjustment away from reaching your potential?

There are dozens of things that can go wrong when trying to teach timing and it takes a mentor and a diagnostician who can analyze, diagnose and create action steps It’s not a linear progression as you grow and mature as a hitter. You don’t improve 1-2% a week, no matter how hard you work […]

Lou Pinella

A Lou Pinella Story & “Cano Swing Flow”

All great hitters let the ball travel to their spot at the depth where they’re most comfortable letting it travel to so they can crush it! Then they ambush the ball [offensively – not a counter punch], like a sniper! A while back at Yankee Stadium when I was up in the owner’s box, Robinson […]

Attention Dads and Moms! Your Son or Daughter Has 50-75 feet Of Power They’re Not Using!

It’s every mother and fathers’ wish to see their son or daughter have success as a hitter in baseball/softball.  One of the more exciting happenings is when our kids show some power when they’re hitting. To most players, their experience feels random because as they search their knowledge base, everything they know about hitting sets them […]

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Approach: Top Half verses Bottom Half?

Question: Which approach (top half or bottom half) puts your body and posture in the most advantageous position? Answer: Top half…If all you knew about your approach was top half or bottom half, TOP HALF would be a better approach. Approaching the top half would literally give you the higher ground (The I’m gonna kick […]